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Yoga Kid performing Sun Salutation

Yoga Kid performing Sun Salutation

Know more about powerful Lotus yoga or lotus meditation called Padma Sadhana

Padma Sadhana : Lotus Yoga

Padma Sadhana

Usually when one thinks of a lotus, what comes to mind? A fully blossomed flower, where each petal is opening up to the sky. Now observe where does the lotus originate from? Mud. Yet, the lotus remains unstained and untouched by the pond. Imagine if we could also be like the lotus flower - untouched by day-to-day events and blossom with love and joy. Padma Sadhana is a practice that could make such blossoming possible.

Unlock your potential with Padma Sadhana

Sri Sri says doing Padma Sadhana gives you access to your inner strength. When practiced daily, this 45-minute sequence of yoga poses can lead to a calmer mind, healthier body and more peace. This set of graceful yoga asanas (postures) helps prepare the body and mind for deeper meditation. One of the key tips is to stay relaxed throughout the practice. Doing Padma Sadhana before Kriya enhances your experience, so that you remain uplifted throughout the day, untouched by the mud around you.

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